Install Glass Partitions for Transparent Workspaces

Are you moving into new premises? Or do you require a re-arrangement of your existing office layout to accommodate more staff or a larger boardroom? Modern building design with its large, open floors is ideal for busy offices. It allows for custom partitions to ensure an optimal working environment and a good impression on clients. Find out how Metro Partitions will assist you with the best options for durable partitioning of your commercial offices.

What Are Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are ideal for dividing a large office floor into smaller workspaces for maximum productivity and the collaboration of ideas. They are also not permanent structures, so can be moved and removed with considerable ease without damage.  
  • In its most simplistic form, glass partitions are sheets of glass installed inside a metal frame, usually steel or aluminium, which is fastened to the floor and ceiling to create a physical barrier between here and there. Doors are fitted to regulate access.
  • Of the many options regarding glass, the most popular are the single and double glazed glass. Both are translucent and allow maximum light, but the double-glazed partition also acts as a partial sound barrier. This option is sufficient for offices, but we highly encourage choosing the special soundproof glass for boardrooms, even though it is slightly opaque.
  • Framed and frameless designs are possible. If correctly designed and installed, the frameless partitions are not less sturdy than the framed designs. Basically, it is a matter of aesthetic choice, but the frameless version offers the option of impressive curvatures.
  • For safety reasons, especially when using a good office cleaning company, decals or caution markers should be attached at strategic points to warn people of the presence of the clear glass obstructing their way.

Benefits of Glass Room Dividers

The use of glass partitions in the office has many benefits for owners and employees. Primarily it keeps notes on the pinboard and thereby fosters an attitude of neatness in employees, but it also has secondary benefits, such as:
  • Glass partitions as walls create a sense of privacy for staff, as it demarcates the boundaries of their personal office space. Yet, at the same time, it does not imprison people inside walled-off squares, as the office and co-workers remain visible through the glass and accessible with a wave and smile.
  • Partitioning constructed with standard panels and a bit of foresight can easily be reused when it becomes time for re-arrangements in the office due to increased staff. You could view the installed panels as an asset for the company, which you can move to different premises.
  • Glass partitions are the perfect option for smaller premises where a feeling of space is necessary to prevent claustrophobia in both staff and clients. It also permits natural light to permeate the whole floor, thereby ensuring mental health and savings on electricity for artificial lighting. 

How Do We Install Glass Partitions in Melbourne

Installing glass partitions for your offices is a snap when you know your job. Here is a summary of how we do it, which always ensures the best quality work:  
  • We start with a detailed assessment of your needs and determine all the diverse requirements like which areas we must soundproof, where full glass panels or only the top half will work best, the placement of doors, and if you require sandblasted or laser engraved logos. We then create an architectural model for approval. 
  • Panels are selected, and if necessary, all unique, curved panels manufactured, along with the metal tracks that will hold the panels in position. We order prefabricated doors according to the material and style used. 
  • All material, workmanship, and designs are according to industry and regulatory standards, thereby ensuring optimal safety in the workplace and the longevity of the glass panels – making the demountable partitioning easy to remove without damage. 
  • If your office floor makes extensive use of Wi-Fi for local area connectivity, you ought to investigate the impact of especially double glazed glass and steel tracks on the signal and incorporate solutions in the designs.
Metro Partitions is the premier installer of partitions in Melbourne. We focus on all forms of glass and decorative partitions for commercial offices, each designed according to your specific requirements. Top companies highly regard our work in the city, and with 30 years of experience in the trade, we guarantee a perfect job that is completed on time, every time. We are registered and qualified for construction work in the Greater Melbourne area, ensuring your new partitioning will comply with all building, safety, and occupational regulations. Contact us for a discussion about partitioning your offices for improved utilisation of available space.